Uses For Vacuum Excavation

Water, Waste Water & Sewer Utilities

  • Exposing/locating lines
  • Site clean up
  • Clean valve boxes
  • Clean meter boxes
  • Clean carbon filtration boxes
  • Water line repairs
  • Clean lift stations
  • Clean manholes
  • Clean treatment plants
  • Clean out laterals
  • Septic tank work
  • Porta-john clean up
  • Clean out new installs of all drains prior to first use
  • Clean and maintain storm drains - keep clear of debris causing flooding during rains and runoff into water table

Power Utilities  

  • Exposing/locating lines
  • Potholing
  • Site clean up
  • Clean valve boxes
  • Clean meter boxes
  • Clean out laterals
  • Soft excavation for setting boxes and vaults
  • Setting poles and sign post
  • Setting junction boxes
  • Clean transformer boxes
  • Clean underground switch boxes


  • Exposing/locating lines
  • Setting/cleaning vaults

Emergency Uses
(Fire / Storm Damage)

  • Clean up interior and exterior of structures after a fire
  • Flood clean up - interior and exterior
  • Road spills
  • Accident site clean up
  • Clean up after a tornado or hurricane
  • Utilise water tanks to mix cleaning chemicals to aid in clean up


  • Clean up during/after surface milling and removal of road lane paint stripping
  • Exposing utilities in roadways when changing grades
  • Clean up road grinder cuttings from storm drain inlets
  • Clean and test inlets for flow pre and post resurfacing
  • Culvert/drainage clean out
  • Cattle guard clean out
  • Clean and maintain storm drains - keep clear of debris causing flooding during rains and runoff into water table
  • Parade clean up


  • Boxcar clean out

Concrete Diamond Sawing Contractors

  • Clean up saw cuttings

Rock Sawing Contractors

  • Clean up saw cuttings to prevent them from entering
    storm drains
  • Make trench clean out attachment to remove cuttings
    from trench

Underground Excavation Contractors

  • Expose utility lines
  • Trench clean-out
  • Job site clean-up

HDD Contractors

  • Job site clean up
  • Expose/pothole utilities
  • Drilling fluid disposal

Grinding Companies

  • Machinery/conveyor clean-up
  • Site clean up

Sand & Gravel Plants

  • Machinery/conveyor clean-up
  • Clean up around weighing/scale areas
  • Clean up accidental spillage/dumping


  • Machinery clean up
  • Tank and storage facility clean up
  • Control and clean accidental spillage/dumping
  • Pothole new foundations


  • Expose/locate utilities
  • Site clean up after events
  • Utilise track drying attachment "track vac"
  • Clean tire debris "marbles" out of the corners during cautions
  • Track clean up after wrecks - liquids and debris

Rental Yards

  • Utility contractors
  • Plumbers
  • Expose lines
  • Soft excavation for repairs
  • Landscape contractors
  • Fence post hole excavation
  • Mulch/gravel removal
  • Tree stump filings removal
  • Lawn sweep
  • Home owners
  • Storm shelter clean out
  • Clean out any accessible area that is holding unwanted mud or water
  • Outside drain clean outs
  • Gutter clean out
  • Lawn sweep
  • Power washer


  • Clean up broken glass
  • Clean up shredded plastic or aluminium
  • Clean up paper scraps

Department of Transport  

  • Clean up salt, sand and gravel from under guard rails and off of bridges

Other Uses

  • Car wash pit clean out
  • Grease trap clean out
  • Parking lot clean up and degreasing
  • Clean out golf course sand traps
  • Clean up food processing plants
  • Clean out animal stalls
  • Fair grounds clean up
  • Industrial fan and filter cleaning
  • Gas station rehab work
  • Chimney sweep
  • Mould problems under houses and in ducting
  • Contaminated material removal

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